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Our bindery department will help you finish your project with a variety of professional touches. Our services include: binding (cerlox, spiral, saddle stitching, hole punching, stapling), cutting, corner rounding, enhanced inks, foiling, lamination, padding, scoring and grommeting.

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Spiral Binding A plastic spiral binding for documents. Allows the document to lie flat when open and allows the pages to be folded around to the back.

Cerlox Binding A cost effective circular binding that allows the document to lay flat.

Saddle Stitching Binding a group of pages together by stapling them in the middle and folding them along the staples.

Stapling Joining groups of pages together, either in a corner or along an edge.



Corner Rounding Cutting off square corners with a rounded edge.

Corner Straight Edge Cut Cutting off corners with a straight edge.



Solid colours or coatings printed separately from process, or CYMK, printing.

Available in clear, white, gold and silver.


A shiny finish that looks like metal.

Available in gold, silver, rose gold and red.


Flat Scored but not folded.

Half Fold Folded in half, either horizontally or vertically.

Z-Fold A page that is folded into three sections, with both edges folded in different directions. When you look at it from the top it looks like a Z.

Tri-Fold A page folded into thirds with the first edge folded towards the middle and the next edge folded over top. Often used for brochures or pamphlets.

U-fold Two edges of the page are folded towards the middle, but then back out towards to edge again, creating a U-shape.

Double Parallel Folded in half, then folded in half again in the same direction.

Gate Fold Both edges folded inwards, meeting in the middle.


Enclosing a printed piece between two sheets of plastic for better durability.

Available in gloss, matte, soft touch, clear or black.


A glue applied to the side of a stack of paper which keeps the sheets together, but also allows for them to be easily torn off.


Making a crease in the paper, but not folding it.


 A metal ring that reinforces a punched or cut hole so that it doesn’t tear.

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Other Print, Scan, Engrave & UV Materials:

UV Printing

UV printing results in much finer detail than regular printing and the results are weather and fade resistant.


Whether you are looking to scan a cabinet of corporate documents, a unique piece of art or cherished family photos, our team will treat each project with the utmost confidentiality and care.

Engraving & Etching

Our sign division specializes in etching and engraving, using several different methods that enable us to mark a variety of surfaces including: jewelry, leather, glass, stone, ceramic, wood and even rubber.

Finishing Services

Our services include: binding (cerlox, spiral, saddle stitching, hole punching, stapling), cutting, corner rounding, enhanced inks, foiling, lamination, padding, scoring and grommeting.

Copy & Print

Duplicators has the latest and fastest digital printers in both black and white and colour, which allows us to quickly and efficiently fulfill your copy and print needs.


Do you need help with graphic design? Duplicators’ talented staff can help you create an attractive design for your project. We can help you create a design for any of our print products. Contact us to discuss your ideas and we’ll come up with a solution to fit your needs.

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