Office or Desk Plates

Identify people and locations within your business with our custom office or desk plates. Perfect for front counters, reception areas, lobby instructions, waiting rooms or personal office identification. Make it easy for your clients and customers to find the place they’re looking for.

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  • 1/16 plastic

  • Aluminum

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Finishing Styles


Traditional Engraving: Using a machine to carve your message into a surface.
Laser Engraving: Using a laser to remove the top layer of the print surface to create your message.
Laser Etching: Melting a material with a laser to leave a message.
Laser Blackening: Using a laser to burn your message in black on a surface.
Chemical Etching: Using a chemical to remove a layer from the surface of a material to create a message.
Hand Engraving: Staff uses a handheld graver to cut your message into a surface.


Adhering vinyl to a surface.

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Other Business Materials:

  • Name Tags created and printed at Duplicators in Sudbury Ontario

Name Tags

Wear your name with pride and a professional appearance with our custom name tags.

  • Office signage plate that was printed, assembled, and installed in Sudbury done by Duplicators

Office or Desk Plates

Make it easy for your clients and customers to find the place they're looking for.


Do you need help with graphic design? Duplicators’ talented staff can help you create an attractive design for your project. We can help you create a design for any of our print products. Contact us to discuss your ideas and we’ll come up with a solution to fit your needs.

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